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02/03/2013Pastor Delbert Watts, Sr. Write The Vision Part 4 - The Madness
Sunday Sermon Habakkuk 3:1-3
Download Write_The_Vision_Part_4_The_Madness.mp3
01/13/2013Pastor Delbert Watts, Sr. Write the Vision Part 2 - The Ministry
Sunday Sermon Proverbs
Download Write_The_Vision_Part_2_The_Ministry.mp3
01/13/2013Pastor Delbert Watts, Sr. Write the Vision Part 3 The Mess
Sunday Sermon Habakkuk 2:3
Download Write_The_Vision_Part_3_The_Mess.mp3
12/30/2012Pastor Chris Williams God Wants You To Have A Brand new Mind
Sunday Sermon James 1:1
Download God_Wants_You_To_Have_A_Brand_New_Mind_min_willams.mp3
04/08/2012Pastor Delbert Watts, Sr. Encourage Yourself
Sunday Serman 1 Samuel 30: 1-6
Sometimes you have to encourage yourslf
Download Encourage_Yourself.mp3
02/19/2012Pastor Delbert Watts, Sr. Really Are You Serious
Sunday Sermon 1 Samuel 23:1-4
David ask God if he should go and save Keilah from the Philistines
Download Really_Are_You_Serious_D_Watts_2_19_12.mp3

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